Fun For a Fiver [infographic]

It isn’t easy to find something to do that doesn’t cost a small fortune nowadays and unfortunately most of us won’t have loads of money to throw about. Luckily, Blackburn College has put together a new infographic that gives teens a great choice of things to do in the region – for around a fiver. [...]

Sharing in 2011 [infographic]

We have been sharing like crazy in the past year. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, there have never been more places where we could ‘drop’ our thoughts, content or other stuff. Not surprisingly we shared the most on Facebook, where Digg started to drop off. And off course mobile has risen again. This infographic from search and [...]

60 seconds On The Web: What Happens? [infographic]

You probably do not realize how much can happen on the web in that amount of time. What do you think of 600 uploads to YouTube? 60+ New blogs, almost 700.000 search queries, and much more. This by Barry Ritholtz tells it all. Infographic courtesy of search and social blog State of Search via Share [...]

How Much Do Your Boobs Weigh? [infographic]

Leading UK cosmetic surgery blog created an infographic with everything you ever needed to know about the British bust! Courtesy of Cosmetic Surgery Guru Share This Infographic!

Geek vs. Nerd [infographic]

A popular infographic currently doing the rounds provided from ElevateLocal. So which one are you? Share This Infographic!