Minimalist LEGO Ads [Design]

These cool infographics may not be “infographics” in the strictest sense of the word (open for debate of course), but these simple and creative data visualizations from LEGO display information in a unique way, and are great pieces of design – see if you can guess which characters are displayed in these wonderful ads! Ads [...]

Nerd Costume Guide [infographic]

From Geordi La Forge to Bilbo Baggins the average nerd has a wide range of costumes to fit their interests, personality and over-all style. Are you able to identify all the costumes below?

The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Sports Betting [infographic]

Ever wonder what sports betting in the Star Wars universe would be like? Infographic via Bjork Oddities

How Much Do Your Boobs Weigh? [infographic]

Leading UK cosmetic surgery blog created an infographic with everything you ever needed to know about the British bust! Courtesy of Cosmetic Surgery Guru

Geek vs. Nerd [infographic]

A popular infographic currently doing the rounds provided from ElevateLocal. So which one are you?