Devious Deductions Tax Evaders [infographic]

You Deducted What?! Devious Deductions and Eccentric Tax Evaders covers strange but legitimate deductions, failed tax deductions, and celebrity tax evaders. Here are some of the facts: Legitimate Tax Deductions: The cost of cat food was written off as a business expense for a junkyard owner with a rat and snake problem. Failed Tax Deductions: [...]

Keeping Your Information Online Safe [infographic]

Online SecurityFrom: Reverse Phone

U.S. Debt in Pennies! [infographic]

So you thought you had seen it all? Well, now you can ride the U.S. penny debt train all the way to Pluto! [Via: Amazing penny facts about the US debt] View a larger copy of the US debt infographic along with the code to add this infographic to your own website. A Guide to Moving and Taxes [infographic]

The infographic is titled “A Guide to Moving and Taxes”. We created it in anticipation of Tax Day (April 15) to illustrate all of the ways that moving, for any reason, may trigger new tax eligibilities for the mover. is a resource for consumers undertaking a move; the infographic educates movers about the ways [...]

The Principality Spend and Save Survey [infographic]

The Welsh nation is feeling upbeat about its financial future – despite the continuing concerns of rising fuel, food and energy costs. Almost three in every five people surveyed in Wales describe their financial mood for 2012 as “optimistic”, according to the latest Principality Building Society Quarterly Spending & Saving Survey. Carried out in November [...]

High Cost of Dying [infographic]

You might think that when you die your worries are over. Unfortunately, even in death you will still be paying your debts. Funerals rank as one of the most expensive purchases people will ever make. Find out why the costs are so high. Life Insurance Quotes

The Smarter Way To File Your Taxes [infographic]

The deadline to file taxes will be coming up sooner than you know, but choosing the right tax preparation service and keeping in mind commonly missed deductions will put you on the right path to filing your taxes smarter. Plus, The Smarter Way To File Your Taxes Infographic also highlights making good decisions on how [...]