Freerunning in advertising (infographic)

Freerunning first emerged in the early 2000′s with its use on a BBC tv commercial. Since then it has been advertisers best friend, appearing in countless commercials around the world. This new infograpic documents the use of parkour and freerunning in the ad’s. Sources: Youtube Emmys Trend Hunter Parkour Generations- Streetstunts Thomson Take Flight

The Rise in Crowd Powered Business [infographic]

There had been a rise in companies and organizations that utilize crowdsourcing and top reasons why your business needs crowd power.

Social vs Search [infographic]

While there are many differences between search marketing and social media, and each has its strengths, both are essential in marketing today. Interestingly, they take on exponentially more power when marketers use them together. To identify what works best for particular goals, MDG Advertising created an enlightening infographic that distinguishes the digital supremacy between social [...]

2012 NCAA® Tournaments [infographic]

This infographic shows how the love of basketball in America is evident, not only in the number of people who watch the NCAA ® Tournaments, but in the number of Americans that play basketball as well. While only 1900 players made their way to the NCAA® Tournaments this year, 26.3 million Americans play basketball, whether [...]

Devious Deductions Tax Evaders [infographic]

You Deducted What?! Devious Deductions and Eccentric Tax Evaders covers strange but legitimate deductions, failed tax deductions, and celebrity tax evaders. Here are some of the facts: Legitimate Tax Deductions: The cost of cat food was written off as a business expense for a junkyard owner with a rat and snake problem. Failed Tax Deductions: [...]

Virgin Money: Football Fans Index [infographic]

Virgin Money has published the annual inflation tracking – Football Fans’ Index for the first quarter of 2012 – that brings some worrying news for football fans. The cost of following football is close to an all-time high with inflation for fans running at over 11% a year – 3.5 times the rate for the [...]

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology [Infographic]

Source: ZAGG Blog

Green Your Garden [infographic]

This graphic shows the benefits of using mulch in landscaping. Mulch enriches the soil and keeps weeds from growing in the area. 1-800-MULCH PRO includes the finest Mulch and Landscaping supply companies in U.S. 1.800.MULCH PRO provides a one stop shop for consumers to get in touch with the best landscape suppliers and Mulch suppliers [...]

Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars [infographic]

Electric Cars vs Regular Cars by Car Insurance